7 Great Ways Your Landing Page Can Generate Leads

The landing page of the website of your business is the entry point to the website and it is the first thing your customers will see when they open your website. For this reason, it is important to fine-tune your landing page to generate more leads and here are seven ways how you can do so:

1. Keep it crisp and simple


Sign-up forms for your site are normally the main focal point of your landing page. Often, these forms demand a lot more from potential customers than what is actually required. Some customers may not prefer over-sharing their personal information as well. Thus, to generate leads and to help customers move one step closer to a purchase, keep your forms crisp and simple. Make the layout attractive and the information required to the point. This will help in lead conversion.

2. Reel them in with free trials



Offering potential customers a free trial or demo of your products or services will help you generate and convert more leads. Set a specific time frame for the offer and promote your free trial offer using ads. Keep in touch with the users who are undertaking the free trial and get their inputs and feedback on it. Free trials have less pressure and will increase your customers’ confidence in your business and product, hence leading to the generation of more leads.

3. Showcase feedback and testimonials along with pictures


Display the feedback and testimonials you get from clients on your landing page. The positive assurance coming from other customers will make them feel more comfortable about purchasing your service or product. Placing the picture of the person giving feedback can draw more leads to your site as people find it more relatable and honest.

4. Giving out rewards can also bring in rewards


By giving your customers different incentives and rewards can help build your customer base as well as generate new leads. For example, you can reward customers for referring your business to their friends and family with different discounts and offers. Coupons too can be offered as rewards to clients for helping generate business and leads. These incentives not only reward your customers but your business as well with more lead conversion.

5. Ease up on your non-whitespace


Whitespace is the blank white area which is present all around your website. Most sites try to pack in as much as possible to fill it, but sometimes it gets to be a little too much. Make use of your white space and leave some of it blank so as to provide some breathing room to your site.  This will help increase the simplicity of your site and make it easy on the eyes.

6. Incorporate high-quality visuals into your page design


Visuals are always the best way to attract attention. It generally has more views than content does since the brain can process visuals faster. Using images with catchy captions and relevant information is much more useful to the users on your page. They will tend to move onto the next step of purchase quicker.

7. Crowdsource to source new lead conversion

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Involving your regular customers and potential customers in your business processes will attract attention. And allow more room for interaction as well as building loyalty. By offering chances for your customers to vote on new products/services or business developments on your landing page, they feel more included in the process and will increase your conversion rates.

These are seven tips you can implement on your landing page for lead generation. Using your landing page effectively will help convert the traffic on your page and will help grow your business in no time!