7 Myths About Digital Marketing that Need to Be Busted Right Now

Digital marketing is relatively new compared to all the classic forms of marketing. Although it’s taken off in full swing, there are still a few concerns that people have about it which make it harder for them to switch to digital marketing. Here are a few misconceptions that people commonly have about digital marketing that need to be cleared up

1. You spend more

This is false! Some people think that since digital marketing has the capability to reach millions of people on the Internet or through various digital platforms, it is bound to be more expensive than traditional methods of advertising. On the contrary, it actually is less expensive as signing up to a social media site is free and brand promotion is much more cost-effective online.

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2. It has an immediate effect

Another misconception that people have is that as soon as you market your brand or product with the help of digital marketing, your figures will increase. This is unrealistic as it will take time for people to research and start using your brand. It takes minimum 3-4 months to see clear results. With the help of digital marketing, you can see your exact target reached and you can use certain digital tools to improve your methods and see what people prefer more.


3. SEO strategies don’t change

After allocating a certain budget and SEO strategy, most firms tend to leave it as it is and not look at it again to improve it or change it. This is a bad idea as SEO isn’t a one-time process and the SEO must be changed and revamped regularly in continuous cycles to keep it effective. A small investment of time and money into SEO per month or quarter will do wonders for your business.


4. Digital marketing is only for B2C and not B2B


This is a common misconception as most people believe they can only reach customers and no other firms and businesses can be reached through the same means. In reality, businesses are also just as active and can also be reached through various digital marketing platforms.

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5. Digital Marketing is the one and only way to go

Once some businesses switch to digital marketing, they tend to neglect the other forms of marketing. This is a flawed plan. It is important to not forget the traditional forms of marketing and reach the other percent of people who may not have technological access. It is important to divide and balance the various forms of marketing to ensure that your business has the maximum reach.


6. Only certain industries can use digital marketing

Wrong! Another common belief is that digital marketing is not for all businesses. There are several social media and digital marketing platforms that can be used. It is essential to note that you can use whichever works for you the best. While all of them have potential, in case one isn’t working for you, you can concentrate more on another digital platform. Digital marketing is a wide area and works for almost all industries.


7. Negative feedback online isn’t good

Feedback, both positive and negative comments are essential for an industry to grow. Feedback online is easily obtainable as people are more willing to provide feedback from the comfort of their homes. You can use these negative comments to better your business. Responding promptly and tactfully to the grievances online publicly will also show your enthusiasm and determination to right things.


These are a few myths of digital marketing which have now been busted. It is always wise to consider digital marketing, especially in this day and age as it is one of the most relevant and wide-reaching forms of marketing.