5 Strategies to Drive Up Your Sales Using Email Marketing

Email marketing includes mass emails sent out to potential customers of your business and product. Although it is a more traditional form of marketing and seems outdated to many, email marketing is an incredibly effective method of marketing your business. Here are five strategies that will definitely help boost your sales.

  1. EmailStrengthen your ContentEmailEmailEmail


    The emails you send out to your potential and regular customers should be well written and well-formatted. Grabbing attention is key here and your first few lines as well the subject should be catchy and to the point. Pre-headers are also important to keep in mind as they are what the customer sees before opening the mail. Personalizing mails and ensuring that customers open them will drive more traffic to your site or business. Format it in a simple yet attractive manner and keep the contents well written and to the point.

  2. Target Your Audience Accordinglyemail marketing

    You can segment your audience and send various emails to the different customers who will be most likely to respond to them. Sending mails which contain content and information which your customers are interested in will result in more lead conversions. Connecting with your audience and targeting their personal needs will increase customer loyalty and also makes it easier for your business to get through to your customers quicker and regularly.

  3. Keep in Touch

    connectivitySending emails regularly and informing your customers of new products, sales, etc. is important for your business to grow. Emails to welcome customers as well as to show them how to use your site and browse through your different products should also be sent as well. New and different content on your mails will keep customers interested and lead to more conversions. Knowing your customer and personalizing the mails is also a smart step when it comes to driving up your sales. This boosts customer loyalty and shows your dedication as a business.

  4. Promotion and Gifts are Important

    giftDifferent campaigns and promotion offers are important to attract customers to your site. Information about exclusive products, sale timings, VIP access to products and seasonal offers are all regularly accessed by your potential and regular customers. Gifts and rewards like store credit and discounts for your regular, loyal and high-spending customers can provide an incentive for them to continue buying as well as advertise your product and business through brand and customer loyalty.

  5. Monitor their Cart

    monitorChecking up on the purchases and selections of your customers is important when it comes to pushing up sales. Observing the interests of customers will be easier to help sort them into different segments when it comes to mailing and also helps personalize your mails towards them. You can also check whether they have selected items and put them in their cart without buying them. Mails can be sent to remind them that these items are still available in their cart as well as similar products they would like. Lack of activity on their account can also be monitored and campaign emails like “We Miss You” will motivate customers to return to the site.  Special offers and discounts can be sent based on cart activity to various customers.

    These are 5 tips you can use to capture the audience you have on your mailing lists. People still check their mails regularly and hence investing into email marketing is certainly not a waste of money or time.

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Arav Ramakan - October 10, 2017 Reply


Thanks for sharing an interesting and informative post about email marketing. Email marketing has been used a lot to target the audience for conversions. And amazingly the results have changed, In 2014, sales driven through email marketing was around 5% which has grown to 17% this year for my business. the content of the email matters along with the promotional offers and discounts. The spamming has been less too.

Liked the way you bifurcated the strategies into meaningful points.

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